BESS is always under development. We work with industry to continually refine our methods and calculations. You might have ideas for a better way to do things. If so, get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.
About BESS

The Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) is an assessment tool created by local governments in Victoria. It assists builders and developers to show how a proposed development demonstrates sustainable design, at the planning permit stage.

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For Planning Permit Applicants

BESS is easy to use and free of charge. It can assess residential, non-residential and mixed-use developments. Attach a BESS report to your planning permit application and show how your development meets sustainable design objectives.

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For Councils

BESS is designed specifically to support the Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) framework, providing a consistent and streamlined process for Councils and planning permit applicants.

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New BESS Advanced Training sessions now available. Visit… for dates
There are still spots available in the upcoming BESS Training on 27th July. Register here:…
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BESS V1.4 sees the end of the free trial period for all Victorian councils. BESS Tool users can do reports in subscribing council areas.
We are pleased to announce BESS V1.4 is now live! Go to to try our upgraded tool.
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