Release History


Changes in 1.5.1 that went live 26 February 2018:

  • Project numbers shown in Projects list

  • Tool note content added to BESS search results

  • Copying projects no longer updates the original project modified date.

  • Transport credit 2.3 Motorbikes/mopeds allows scoping out

  • Updated dwelling type to "Dwelling in a class 5-9 building" for clarity

  • Project details for dwelling extensions/renovations no longer shows overall dwelling area as an input

  • Reworded IEQ credit 3.2 Thermal comfort – shading question

  • Updated wording to Non-Residential Energy Deemed-To-Satisfy (DTS) questions for clarity

  • Water credit 1.1 Potable water use reduction (interior uses) fix to proposed/reference value calculations

  • Fix for Select All in Water fixtures, fittings and connections table

  • Fix for disabled credits showing a score

  • Fix for IEQ Deemed-To-Satisfy (DTS) questions that led to situation where no credits provided depending on sequence of questions answered

  • Fix for Daylight calculator incorrectly counting all rooms as bedrooms after 10 room profiles added

  • Fix for Energy credit 1.1 Thermal performance rating - Non-residential score awarded for >20% reduction

  • Fix for dependent credits that sometimes remained scoped out once re-enabled

  • Transport credit 1.6 End of Trip Facilities - Non-Residential dependency rule fix

  • Area climatic correction factor updated to handle dwellings above 1000sqm in size