Release History


BESS Release 2 (Beta)

This release includes a brand new user interface for BESS, featuring:

  • A more responsive design for tablet and mobile devices
  • Dark and light mode options
  • Redesigned editor grids / editor modals, no more horizontal scrolling
  • Improved filtering and data entry options, particularly for complex projects.
  • Improved navigation via redesigned and expanded sidebar
  • Improved Projects page including maps, plus more search and filter options
  • Ability to bookmark credits to return to later
  • Changes to how projects are saved and published.
  • Improved Supporting Evidence page that removes duplication
  • A new Tool Notes documentation website

The new user interface is fully back compatible - so you can use it to access BESS projects created in any previous engine.

The BESS Release 2 User Interface is currently in beta. During this period, the existing BESS user interface (now called "BESS Classic") will be available and users can switch between the BESS Release 2 User Interface and the BESS Classic User Interface.

Note that BESS-9 Engine Projects can only be created and managed in the BESS Release 2 User Interface.

A new way to manage your projects

You can now:

  • Keep all versions within one 'project', including multiple 'drafts' / scenarios with their own version name
  • See which versions are in draft or have been published
  • Copy any version to a new version within that project, or to a new project at a new address.

BESS-9 Engine

This release includes a new engine (BESS-9). BESS-9 includes:

  • Updated greenhouse emission factors, in line with the latest release of the Australian National Greenhouse Accounts Factors.
  • Category change: new Integrated Water Management (IWM) category to replace Water and Stormwater categories
  • IEQ credit 1.5 Minimal internal bedrooms has been removed
  • IEQ credit 2.3 Ventilation - Non-Residential. Minor change to scoring.
  • On project setup, dwellings data entry now includes number of bedrooms
  • Category name change: Energy category now called Operational Energy
  • Category name change: Waste category now called Waste & Resource Recovery
  • Innovation changes: users can select an initiative from the built in library, or add their own.